Gluten Free Ginger Beer May Be My Favorite Herbal Healing Beer

Homebrewers, over time, develop a lot of recipes. Among the many recipes that come out of the mind and books of the homebrewer, a few will click and graduate from being just another beer recipe to an old standby. For our brew crew, one of the greatest standby beers we have is the gluten free Ginger Beer.

We may have brewed this beer half a dozen times or more over the years. It always has variations from the original recipe (this will be our third gluten-free version!), but it is always so ginger. Full of fury, spice, and everything nice (the “nice” must be the alcohol).

This beer always stirs something from within, sometimes bringing an overt rowdiness from those that consume its liquid essence. The gluten-free variation of this recipe is fast to ferment and even faster consumed. The Ginger Beer is flexible and altogether egalitarian.

Gluten Free Ginger Beer

The gluten-free variety is GMO-free and made with 100% organic sugar. This time, both beers will be made with organic ginger root obtained from a local grocery cooperative. This stuff is strong, I tell you.

Strong enough to make medicine with, which brings me to why it is my favorite herbal beer.  This gluten free ginger beer is high in essential minerals. I find ginger to be great for digestion as well as inflammation.  Have I mentioned that this gluten free ginger beer is full of spice?

Ginger Ale

  • 3 lbs Pilsener LME
  • 2 lbs Golden Light LME
  • 1 lb Brown Rice Syrup
  • .5 lb Crystal 20L
  • 3.625 lbs Ginger Root
  • 11.5 Bx (OG 1.047)

GF Gingey

  • 5.5 lbs Organic Non-GMO Sugar
  • 3.625 lbs Ginger Root crushed
  • .33 oz Licorice Root
  • 13 Bx


gluten free ginger beer

“Ginger cross section” by Sanjay ach at the English language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

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