jostaberry mead recipe

Jostaberry Mead Recipe, aka the Jostamel

This is part 2 in a series. Click here for part 1.

When two become one

In a previous post we shared two absurdly easy no-boil mead recipes. In this post we’ll show you how to make a plain mead even more impressive.

Our two no-boil mead recipes were delicious by themselves and in their own right. That being said, summer in the Pacific Northwest is a time of great bounty. It is a season when fermentemptations reaches peak levels in the adventurous mind. Inspiration of fruit infused concoctions have reached epic proportions. Summer is the time to act.

Action! Behold the emerging beauty of the Jostamel. The what? The Jostaberry melomel. What’s a jostaberry? What’s a melolmel?

A jostaberry is a tri-species cross of North American coastal black gooseberry, European gooseberry, and the black currant. It’s also my new favorite berry.

A melomel is a variant of mead that includes fruit. This particular variation could be more accurately described as an infused jostaberry mead recipe.

jostaberry mead recipe
The delicious jostaberry.

The jostaberry mead recipe

It was the summer of 2014. We already had way too many jostaberries stored in the freezer. We were facing a ripe bounty yet to be picked from the bushes.

In a moment of fermentemptation, we decided to combine the two meads into one. The final 2-3 gallons of mead were racked onto 8 lbs of last years frozen jostaberries.

jostaberry mead recipe
These jostaberries are ready to have a finished mead racked onto them.

This is an admittedly absurd amount. You don’t need to use this much in your jostaberry mead recipe.  Instead, try this.

Jostaberry Mead Recipe

2-3 gallons of finished mead
four pounds of jostaberries

Use a funnel to put the jostaberries into a sanitized fermenter. Rack the finished mead onto the jostaberries in the fermenter. Rack the mead off of the berries after desired color and berry flavor is reached. This can be as little as a week. It could be as long as a year or more!

Age from two weeks to many months
2-3 gallons of Jostaberry Melomel

jostaberry mead recipe
Now that’s how you make a melomel!

Seven months and a racking later. That jostamel is tart but tasty. It’s also one of the most beautiful colors you’ll ever see.

jostaberry mead recipe
A clarity and color you can only achieve with the noble jostaberry.

If you want to add some color and some flavor to your regular old meads try this jostaberry mead recipe. It adds a nice twist to that regular old show mead.


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